Saturday, 1 August 2009

Stocking and Show off

August 1st Stocking!! - August brings new goodies to Poopy Pants. There are fresh new hand dyed colourways in a range of yarns, some custom crochet goodies (courtesy of Croc o' Stitch) up for offer and a lovely selection of Flip 'n' Go's and Roll 'n' Sit Highchairs. Stocking at 12pm GMT.

Also, a lovely photographer in the Gold Coast region of Australia did a wonderful shoot on a gorgeous 4 day old little man, with some props I knitted for her. They look wonderful, and the baby is just divine. If you are in the area and are looking for an attentive and talented photographer please contact Caroline at and if you're a photographer looking for yarny props, give me a holler (contact @, they are my own design and a joy to knit.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Alive and Kicking

Woah how long since the last blog... too long!! Well I am still alive (just) and the baby bean has started kicking!

Its been a whirlwind of madness in this house the last couple of months, sickness and visitors and crazy afternoons.

Huds got chicken pox, which is fine, except I've never had it. So I was sent pronto to hospital to get needled to check my immunity, seems I have a natural immunity which is awesome and means I wont get a wonky baby (well not a chicken pox related one, we cant do anything about the parents being weird). Then Dan got swine flu, OMG its like the worst ever man flu x 1,000,000 he thought he was dying, I thought I was going to kill him. Neither me nor the Hud caught it (go the super awesome immune system).

Dans mum and step dad arrived from Aussie for 3 weeks to sta with us, which was great, they brought me yarn and dyes :D. S (Dans step dad) made me a shelf for my crafty area (which Hudson helped make)
and I'm all organised and in love...

Its lush and gorgeous and makes me feel inspired. I have done lots of dyeing and lots of sewing ready for a store stocking on the 1st August. Lots of yarn types and new colourways. I am planning a music themed stocking next month, its been very fun.

What else, hmmm, well, me and Dan had our 6th (yes 6th) year wedding anniversary on the 13th July, we had our baby scan in the morning...

its a real live baby in there!!! My dates were spot on and I am due January 30th 2010. We then went to London for the day with Hudson and Dans parents, brother and his bros girlfriend. We went to the Natural History Museum

which was awesome, we made a deal not to get gifts or cards this year, as we are broke and cards are a waste of money that end up in the bin, instead we got each othera £5 gift from the gift shop of the museums we visited, and the traditional gift for 6 years is candy, so we got each other a sweetie too. So, from the NHM I got Dan a DinoMagic dinosaur..
Then we went on to the Science Museum and Dan bought me a Robotic Hand...

I think i got the better gift!

All in all its been a fun and interesting few months, and it seems summer finally arrived...

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Crafty Muddy Funster

I've been in a sewing mood since I got my new machine (which I am totally in love with by the way). So have been making some nappies, some newborn ones for TBC baby and Hudson.

TBC babes - cotton terry with sewn in soaker of cotton terry and microfibre, with a snap down for umbilical cord.

Hudsons nappy, fleece outer with hidden PUL, full layer of bamboo and 5 layers of bamboo in the soakers. He's in love.





I have also been doing a bit of pattern designing, and have come up with a gorgeous little dress. I am looking for testers for sizing if there is any interest? It has an open back to show off little cloth bums in the coming summer months. I think I might change the shoulders, the ties might get in the way for a newb, so might change it to snaps or buttons.





In other news, I have found out that my wheel can be sorted, so I will be sending it off to be refurbished soon - woot!!!

My diet is going all guns, I have lost 5lb in the last 4 weeks. To celebrate Dan bought me a Wii and Wii Fit. I'm ecstatic. I don't get time to do real exercise, I cant get to a gym without finding a sitter for Hudson, so this is the best alternative. I have done 2 days of it, and am loving it, it makes me feel the burn. I have set up a regime and am aiming to do 30mins a day 6 days a week. As it stands I have a long term goal of about 3 1/2 stone to loose, but obviously if a baby comes along I wont get there as quickly, but I will still hopefully loose a bit even when pregnant as long as I'm sensible.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

What A Whole Lotta Love

Its been package crazy here the last few days. I have received numerous parcels of fabric, and a lovely knit from the MM swap.

I bought a sewing machine last week off ebay, its kitsch, quirky, and in absolutely brand spanking new condition, all for £30 - bargainous. No picture of it as yet though, it's still at mums. I let her keep hold of it to get it all oiled up for me and have a little play, she said its wonderful and will last me the next 50 years!! Lets hope, it's my last machine (and yes I possibly said that 2 machines ago, but I'm a bit addicted). I cant wait to get it going this weekend and sew up a storm!

My sister is suddenly my new best friend... check out what she found for me...

HELL YES!!!! my very own spinning wheel. Yes I know its in bad shape and missing the flyer etc, but, it was a bargain, and I am on the hunt for a flyer/maidens to fit it as I type. Excitement muchly.

I've started buying newbie cloth. Perhaps a bad idea, but another bargain (haha I'm full of them this week) and once I do get UTD I wont need to spend so much on nappies will I. They are SO teeny, look at it next to Hudsons massive nappy (and my face reflecting in the glass haha).

Finally here are some knits I've done over the last couple of weeks, the poncho is for the MM swap, and the soaker is just a play knit I did, its lovely, so small and squishy. Got to love newborn fluff!!

I went away at the weekend, with Dan, Huds and my parents. It was lovely. I spent 5 entire days with Dan which was lovely, although I was hormonal and stroppy the entire time, I did secretly enjoy being with him. I am on a diet, and honestly, it nearly killed me this weekend, everywhere I looked there was cake. But I was good, I didn't cheat once, and I feel very proud of myself for it. I'm determined to loose some weight this summer, and try get into shape for the next baby, I don't want to be a scummy mummy, I don't even want to be a yummy mummy (I despise that phrase), I just want to be a normal weight range almost verging on pretty woman who happens to have a kid... one day, one day.

I also REALLY want to go to the cinema and see Let The Right One In it looks amazing.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Further Down The Spiral

Could today get much worse? I hope not.

The day started with POAS... BFN even though I'm now day 36 (37??) of my cycle. No idea why its so late if I'm not UTD. Just desperate for AF now so we can get trying again. (haha how many acronyms in that one paragraph!)

Then, I am in the shower just putting the last of the shampoo on my hair, Hudson comes wandering in saying 'yuck, uh oh' and he is covered in dark purple nail varnish - this is the second time in as many weeks he has found my nail varnish and opened it (he turned the bin upside down and climbed up for todays one). Not only has he got it on his brand new shorts (his main shorts for the summer) but also his new tee from his nanna, and more importantly all over our cream bedroom carpet and bedside cabinet. I'm livid and want to cry.

And finally, Fletcher got bitten by another cat last week and has an infected foot, we took him to the vet on Saturday who prescribed him a course of anti-b's (£50 later - noice). So I'm trying to give him his AB's this morning and he keeps filtering it out from the ham and spitting it on the floor. He cracks the pill and its all over my floor and skirt... great! no anti-b's for him today. Mum has since told me I can open the pill and put the powder in the meat without the plastic outer.

Anyhow, its 11.30am what else is in store for me today? AF I hope.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Real Nappy Week

In celebration of Real Nappy Week 2009 - Poopy Pants has some great offers available including 10% off everything!! Click Here for more details