Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Further Down The Spiral

Could today get much worse? I hope not.

The day started with POAS... BFN even though I'm now day 36 (37??) of my cycle. No idea why its so late if I'm not UTD. Just desperate for AF now so we can get trying again. (haha how many acronyms in that one paragraph!)

Then, I am in the shower just putting the last of the shampoo on my hair, Hudson comes wandering in saying 'yuck, uh oh' and he is covered in dark purple nail varnish - this is the second time in as many weeks he has found my nail varnish and opened it (he turned the bin upside down and climbed up for todays one). Not only has he got it on his brand new shorts (his main shorts for the summer) but also his new tee from his nanna, and more importantly all over our cream bedroom carpet and bedside cabinet. I'm livid and want to cry.

And finally, Fletcher got bitten by another cat last week and has an infected foot, we took him to the vet on Saturday who prescribed him a course of anti-b's (£50 later - noice). So I'm trying to give him his AB's this morning and he keeps filtering it out from the ham and spitting it on the floor. He cracks the pill and its all over my floor and skirt... great! no anti-b's for him today. Mum has since told me I can open the pill and put the powder in the meat without the plastic outer.

Anyhow, its 11.30am what else is in store for me today? AF I hope.


Anonymous said...

Honey I know how you feel, Af turned up today after being missing for 5. Got my hopes up as I thought we had hit all bases.

Chin up

woollywumpkins said...

:( TTC is supposed to be fun, but I know from bitter experience that it is not :(

I pray you get a girly BFP next cycle.

Hugs to you and sloppy kisses to Huds.

Mich x.