Wednesday, 6 May 2009

What A Whole Lotta Love

Its been package crazy here the last few days. I have received numerous parcels of fabric, and a lovely knit from the MM swap.

I bought a sewing machine last week off ebay, its kitsch, quirky, and in absolutely brand spanking new condition, all for £30 - bargainous. No picture of it as yet though, it's still at mums. I let her keep hold of it to get it all oiled up for me and have a little play, she said its wonderful and will last me the next 50 years!! Lets hope, it's my last machine (and yes I possibly said that 2 machines ago, but I'm a bit addicted). I cant wait to get it going this weekend and sew up a storm!

My sister is suddenly my new best friend... check out what she found for me...

HELL YES!!!! my very own spinning wheel. Yes I know its in bad shape and missing the flyer etc, but, it was a bargain, and I am on the hunt for a flyer/maidens to fit it as I type. Excitement muchly.

I've started buying newbie cloth. Perhaps a bad idea, but another bargain (haha I'm full of them this week) and once I do get UTD I wont need to spend so much on nappies will I. They are SO teeny, look at it next to Hudsons massive nappy (and my face reflecting in the glass haha).

Finally here are some knits I've done over the last couple of weeks, the poncho is for the MM swap, and the soaker is just a play knit I did, its lovely, so small and squishy. Got to love newborn fluff!!

I went away at the weekend, with Dan, Huds and my parents. It was lovely. I spent 5 entire days with Dan which was lovely, although I was hormonal and stroppy the entire time, I did secretly enjoy being with him. I am on a diet, and honestly, it nearly killed me this weekend, everywhere I looked there was cake. But I was good, I didn't cheat once, and I feel very proud of myself for it. I'm determined to loose some weight this summer, and try get into shape for the next baby, I don't want to be a scummy mummy, I don't even want to be a yummy mummy (I despise that phrase), I just want to be a normal weight range almost verging on pretty woman who happens to have a kid... one day, one day.

I also REALLY want to go to the cinema and see Let The Right One In it looks amazing.


Krissy said...

Oh my gosh! We got the parcel yesterday and I didnt know what was happening with MM when I remembered your blog!!

Thank you so much . . I love it and Matilda adores it also!

I have some pics up on my blog!

Knittysaurus said...

oh yey so glad it arrived ok!!! Can I nick some of your pics for my ravelry page? the pattern actually suggests sewing snaps to the under arm of the poncho, but I didn't as I didn't know how big her arms were and where it would be comfortable, but if you think it might help keep it in place when she is playing it might be an idea to sew some on.

Krissy said...

You can pinch as many as you like hun! Thank you so much again!!

I like it like that . . but might see if mum can sew on some of those funky wooden oval button things that are always on knitted stuff . . thats her domain!!

Jodie Chapman said...

Gorgeous knits m'dear. I have a very quiet weekend ahead (whoop whoop!) so am going to sit down with your book a while. So proud of you with the diet - keep it up!! xxx PS Go see "Let the Right One In" - it's brilliant and the score is fantastic!!

Knittysaurus said...

K - Thanks v. much, pics are stolen :) wooden toggles buttons be very cute!!

J - Yey a weekend off, that's a first isn't it? Yes read the book, get your needles out, make something awesome! Get together again soon yeah? xx oh and cinema - I think its left Ashford already :( typical!!